dance, dance, otherwise we are lost

Pina Bausch

what I do

Movement and dance is how I come home to my experience, learn about myself, connect with others and go beyond myself.

I love to share movement, to teach and to hold spaces which are creative, courageous and deeply compassionate.

I’m an Open Floor teacher and weave this movement practice with Buddhist teachings and meditation.

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what is Open Floor?

As on the dance floor, so in life…Open Floor is a resource based movement practice where we learn to come home to our bodies and move what is true for us. There is no fixed form or choreography and all bodies are welcome.

We work with movement resources - like ground or pause - and we use an anchor in our bodies - our feet, our spine - to explore our experience of this resource in movement.

We develop our embodied awareness, with ourselves and in relation with others. We learn to integrate our different parts - to give shape and expression to the fullness of all we are.

Discover more on the Open Floor International site here.


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